Way Down

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Way Down GamePlay:

The latest game of Zoxy land will test your ability in dealing with some challenging puzzles with differences in terms of block positionings and layout. The sole movement that you need to carry out is the work of moving the blocks. There will be a black-and-white block that the players need to push off the edge into the bowl. It's how you take advantage of your given blocks and other items on the field to achieve the final results that matter.

The final purpose of this game will be to clear all levels with top scores. Some lucky fellas have made it from the first trial, but let's see if you will be lucky enough to crack all obstacles later in the further progress of the game. Figure out the exact spot that you need to land the objects and from there, find the suitable direction to crack this journey.

Passing the stages has been a thrill, but the feeling of dashing through different platforms will be equally fun! Showcase your best skills that will keep the ball rolling and give the appropriate distance for any missions. Once you see the ball turns green, it signifies that the mission is cleared.

If you meet a tough challenge or are having a hard time estimating the right distance, make sure to be creative and don't hesitate to bring fresh solutions to this puzzle game at https://m.zoxy3.net/. While moving the blocks below, keep an eye on the ground to find the drop off spots of the white ball. It's all about estimation and decision on timing to win this game! Other freely join games such as Stacktris 2048 will test your coordination skills as well!


Click and hold the mouse or touchpad to control the ball's movements.

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